Love is a gift!

I am writing this blog out of unordinary circumstances. We work with many brides and grooms, but were informed a few days ago that one of our December grooms was involved in a tragic accident, and did not survive. His fiancee would light up when she would talk about him, and you just couldn’t help but embrace their warmth.

I will not name any names, out of respect for the families, and because this blog is not really about that untimely and horrific experience. I want to talk about love. Love is a gift. We are granted this gift each day when we wake up, but tomorrow is never promised. I want to implore anyone reading this to please let the people in your lives know how much you love and care for them today! We never know what tomorrow will bring. Treasure each second, you never know when your last one might come.

I am a wedding planner, I work to make people happy. I notice couples all the time bickering over little details that really won’t mean much at the end of their wedding. Their love for each other will mean so much, and should be honored as such- and leave the little details to the planners. Preserve your love. Fight for each other. Show affection as much as you can.

Hug your loved ones today. Let them know how much you care. Love is a gift. Today is a gift. Take advantage of it.

Uniquely Yours,