The Royal Bling, and the whole "planning thing!"

As a Wedding planner and designer, I can tell you that today was a very exciting day for me, for sure! I set my alarm so I could watch all of the guests pour into Windsor Castle for the wedding everyone has been talking about for months! I will admit that it was very awesome to see some of our USofA celebrities walk in to the venue, and even though they are famous around the world, (i.e. - Oprah, and even Pippa, Duchess Kate's sister) the invited parties still had to produce their invitations to the guards to gain entry to the dreamy event and to be shown to their assigned seating. 

 A Royal Wedding is something so many little girls -and let's be real, most ladies who are newly engaged and who are trying to get their ideas together for their "perfect day," made it a priority to tune in to the immaculate pomp and circumstance that was Prince Harry and now, The Duchess of Sussex's dream day. I want to make the point to our followers and readers, that it doesn't matter how large or small your wedding day will be. You inherently know what it is you want - even if you can't put it into words. 

 When that happens, that's where Diamonds and Pearls Events steps in. High class bling, or no bling at all, the "bones" and structure of planning a very special wedding is about the same. All weddings must find a venue, and of course, a viable date for the venue the couple really wants! Each wedding then needs to develop a "theme," or at least a color palate to work with. Your venue may give you inspiration for this concept, or perhaps you've always known you want an Art Deco style of a wedding, and we will then work backwards to find a venue that supports the very theme you want to embrace for your big day. 

 The Royal Wedding today was steeped with great tradition, though it is incredibly notable that  while Harry and Meghan did mostly follow the very stringent Royal English traditions, they also made sure to incorporate their own likes, creating their own unique style and new traditions. The couple held hands at the alter pretty much throughout the entire service. I am not sure we have ever seen another royal couple express their feelings in such an indiscreet, yet meaningful way before. Viewers could tell the gesture was certainly heartfelt, and done out of love. The Royal Wedding today did not follow a "generic pattern," though they did make sure to honor their families, and each others beliefs and traditions in the best way possible.

We, at Diamonds and Pearls Events, would like you to consider to do the same as Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex did, in regards to their wedding ceremony and day, overall. We don't believe in "cookie-cutter" weddings, and clearly, Prince Harry and the new Duchess of Sussex didn't either. Be yourselves. Incorporate things that you know will showcase your personalities and goals for the future. Create your own traditions. As we saw today, you can honor traditions, add some of them to your wedding, as Harry and Meghan did, but then make the rest of the day YOURS. We are here to help you with design and theme or color concepts, and to help you plan the most amazing wedding that is completely,"Uniquely YOU!" Royal or not, your day will be amazing, and Diamonds and Pearls Events is here to help you achieve all of your dreams and goals. Contact us via email, phone or text to setup your complimentary consultation. We would love to help you create your own royal day, and one that is again, uniquely you!!

Uniquely Yours,