From the Perspective of a Groom

From the Groom’s Side—

Hey guys, Chris here from Diamonds and Pearls Events. I am writing this from the perspective of someone who has been a groom and never will be again.

When Morgan and I meet with grooms at bridal shows, or during consultations, I always break the ice with nervous grooms (Or let’s be real guys, the grooms who don’t want to be part of the process) with one seemingly simple crack:

“What are the two words that will save your sanity while planning your wedding?”

<Dumbfounded groom>

“Yes dear”.

After being in this business for awhile, I have come to realize that while the above is an icebreaker, it really should not be the case. One thing that grooms need to remember is that regardless of what your fiancée may think, this is your day as well. (Sorry ladies, the guys get some input as well) I strongly encourage all our grooms to take an active part in the planning of your wedding. So, if you are like me, flowers may not be your thing. Ok, that’s cool, that is where “Yes dear” comes into play. On the other hand, what about the DJ? If he is too crazy or out of this world, then give your input so there is a happy medium there. For guys, the choice of food is a big deal. Go to the tastings, talk to the chef and caterer and give your opinions as well. Remember, this is your day as well and you want everything to be perfect on your life changing day.

Some of this may sound satirical, but there is a method to my madness here. Don’t take a back seat when it comes to the planning of your wedding. Let’s be real, if you are not an active participant in the planning of your wedding, your bride is going to think that you don’t care and your wedding day doesn’t mean a thing to you. Be active, participate and have very real conversations about your mutual likes and dislikes. Will you disagree? Of course you will, but that is ok. Repeat after me: “This is my day too!!!” (Sorry ladies)

Getting married is magical, it is life changing and it is a day you both want to remember for the rest of your lives. Guys, be active in the planning and don’t just say “Yes dear”. Enjoy your day, be an active participant and remember to tell your bride how much you love her each and every day of your lives together.

Before the ceremony, the first drink and toast are on me and congratulations on your engagement. Remember, prove your Red Sox or 49er fandom and get a discount on your package. Trivia questions may be asked as proof.

All the best and good luck,

Chris Munson

Assistant Planner/Partner and very proud husband of Morgan

Diamonds and Pearls Events