Why do you need a wedding planner??

Congratulations, you're engaged!! You have wonderful visions in your head about what you want your big day to look and feel like, and you may have been dreaming of this time since you were very young. Now what?!? How do you make your dream wedding become a reality while working 40 plus hours a week in order to pay for your big affair? How can you search for QUALITY and reputable vendors, manage your schedule and schedule meetings at the same time? The answer: hire a wedding planner. Period. Great planners take their businesses very seriously, and they take your vision to heart, and help you make it become a reality. Though there are some planners that moonlight and do wedding planning "on the side," there are pros out there (like us!) that do this for a living. These pros have the best and most insightful information into the wedding community in your area, and work solely on event planning. There's not another job to get in the way, and we spend 100% of our time working for you, when you cannot. 

Great wedding planners will help you establish a budget (if you don't already have one), and will help you stick with it. The goal is to help you source and find the very best vendors, based on our experience and relationships within the wedding community for the lowest cost. Yes, you will be paying for our services, but our goal is to help you come in UNDER your budget, sometimes by 25% or more. We know where to look, and who to talk to. We will take your schedule and accommodate ours to work with you. We will schedule meetings with vendors like florists, DJs, bakers, venues, officiants, photographers, videographers and caterers based on your availability. We will offer you many options, though we will make sure to only recommend vendors we know are superb, and know they can handle your wants and needs for your wedding. We will attend these appointments with you so that you do not feel overwhelmed, and that we are there to help you ask the questions you may not know to ask. Brides and grooms do not know what they don't know. We, as planners are here to help you throughout the process, and develop questions that can be very important. Example: If a photographer quotes you six hours of service on your wedding day, we will make sure they have a "shot list." This is a list of pictures you KNOW you want to have in your wedding album. If the photographer has only taken about 60% of your must have shots, and there's only one hour left in the reception, it is our job to keep them focused, so you do not pay any "overage fees," which can be VERY pricey! 

I like to give another example. One of the most important relationships during your wedding and reception is that of the planner and the DJ/Emcee/band. If there's a major accident on a highway leading to the venue, as planners, we talk to the DJ/Emcee/band to buy some time by playing extra music before the ceremony starts to allow inconvenienced guests the opportunity to get to the venue. No bride wants to walk down the aisle with very few people in attendance, so we make sure to have it taken care of, and the guests that are already seated are comfortable and know of the situation. Another example: if the caterer prepares 50 plated chicken dishes, and somehow in getting them out to the guests, they all fall on the ground, the planner and the DJ/Emcee/Band will work together to communicate about what needs to happen for the caterer or the venue to correct the problem. We may go into special dances, we may start some toasts. The bottom line is at the end of the day, we do NOT want the bride and groom to know anything happened at all! They likely will never know, unless we tell them months or years later! We want the party to run smoothly, and we will make sure each contracted vendor does what they are specifically contracted to do, with no substitutions.

We are the first ones to arrive at your venue, and will be the last ones to leave. We want to ensure that everything is gorgeous and set up per our couples' standards, and will then stay to make sure everything is cleaned up, and the venue looks as good as it did before we started in with the decorating. We help with set-up and breakdown, and make sure each vendor arrives in a timely manner to remove their items, such as custom arches or furniture, linen or china rentals. 

Basically, wedding planners hold your hand throughout your entire process, and will take on any idea you'd like to explore. We often become quite close with some of our couples, and have remained in close contact, and end up planning baby showers for them a year or two later. We love to make people happy, and we are very detail oriented. We want what you want, and work only to that end. If you are looking to get married in Florida, we at Diamonds and Pearls Events would love to hear from you to tell you more about what we can do. We also are partners with Sandals Resorts, and can help you plan a fabulous destination wedding or honeymoon as well.

Feel free to contact us at Morgan@DiamondsandPearlsEvents.com , if you'd like help with your special day! We'd love to add you to our family.Let us help you and your fiance host a ceremony and reception that is totally "uniquely you!" We are up for any challenge, and can't wait to hear from you!

Happy planning!

Uniquely Yours,