2018, What a year!!!

When I think back upon 2018, I can say it has been a very exciting and humbling one for Diamonds and Pearls Events. We were able to help many brides and grooms with their big day, and when I look back at the pictures, I can say that I am so proud to have honored the visions they came up with. Our main goal is to always keep the couple first, and to honor their wishes. We have had couples from out of state, within the state - but far away, and I can say honestly, that I know we did them proud! What a wonderful feeling! We’ve had a myriad of themes and color palates, and I have enjoyed each one. Each wedding is like a little gift to me. I love peeling the onion, or edges if you will - to get to know the heart of each couple we work with. In that sense, it truly is a gift to us to be able to help them facilitate the best day/night of their lives. There will always be hiccups with any event, but I am proud to say that Diamonds and Pearls Events handled them well. We never want the couple, their families or any member of the Wedding Party to become stressed with anything that may happen during their wedding! We have developed a wonderful communication standard that we emphasize with each vendor we work with to avoid this kind of stress. I can say, it has been working out beautifully!

Also, Diamonds and Pearls Events was so thrilled to be nominated in Folio Weekly’s top five Wedding Planners for their “Best Of” edition. Our couples were so supportive, and we were overwhelmed with so many well wishes and notes of approval. We did not win first place in the competition, but we did come in second place. We celebrate that ‘win’ for Diamonds and Pearls Events! We know the competitor who won the first place slot, and she has been doing it for a number of years in the Jacksonville area. We felt great to be honored along the side of her! With that said, 2018 was very generous to Diamonds and Pearls Events, and to me personally. Diamonds and Pearls Events strives to keep everything unique and fresh for our couples. We don’t believe in cookie cutter weddings. I truly felt that we were able to honor that with all of our 2018 weddings. Yay!

We have one more thing to celebrate, as we look back on 2018. Diamonds and Pearls Events officially struck up a partnership with the Holiday Inn (Baymeadows), in which we will act as the creative directors, and they of course provide the venue. We were thrilled to be featured on WTLVs “First Coast Living,” with this announcement! We have developed several themes that we think couples will love, to go along with this venue. We still book weddings everywhere and anywhere, but it has been amazing to work with the Holiday Inn to help them develop a creative style for weddings booked there.

Thank you to all of our couples, their families and friends for their support in 2018!! We know 2019 will be a blast!!! We still have a few days left for our “Engagement Special,” which gives couples $150.00 off of their total customized package. Please feel free to reach out to me via text, email or phone for more information. Happy 2019!!

Uniquely yours,


Owner/Lead Planner

Diamonds and Pearls Events