From the Groom's Perspective

From the Point of View of a Guy— 

Hey guys,

While checking my email the other day, I didn’t receive an inquiry, but a question from a groom to be. The groom asked us to settle a debate and he asked how many men do the majority of their wedding planning as opposed to his fiancé.

The true and real answer is that not many men are that involved in the entire process. In thinking about it, and in talking to Morgan, we have not had many grooms who aren’t that involved. Most of the time, it is the general attitude of “Yes dear, whatever you want dear”, but the reality of it is that it shouldn’t be that way.

Gentlemen, grab a cocktail and listen to the advice of not only a wedding planner, but that of a married man. Get involved!!!! What most grooms fail to understand is that this is not just your bride’s day, but it is yours as well. Ok, so you may not be great at picking out flowers, (I leave that part of things to my bride) but there are going to be certain things that you really want to have at your wedding. Do you want to have a DJ who is upbeat or is more laid back? Do you want a photographer with a certain style or just someone who won’t make you break into your 401k at age 30? How about the food and cocktails? You the groom really need to give input as well. You and your fiancé are a team. You are one now and when you are pronounced husband and wife, you become more of one. There will be decisions about buying a house, a new car and incredibly difficult decisions about children and many years down the road, your retirement.

My point is that your wedding day ideally happens once. Help with the planning, give your input and become a team with your wife to be. Not only does this help with your wedding day, but in your life together. This is your day too!!!!!!

All the best, and remember guys, the first drink is always on me.

Chris Munson

Assistant Planner/Partner

Diamonds and Pearls Events