An exciting event!!! Diamonds and Pearls Events Partners with the Holiday Inn to produce a fun, innovative and unique bridal show.

Hello everyone!

I wanted to tell you about the exciting bridal show that Diamonds and Pearls Events and the Holiday Inn off of I-295 and Baymeadows have partnered up on to produce. The show is this coming Sunday, December 9th, at 2:00 pm. There is NO COST for admission, and we are thrilled to introduce a new concept in the typical bridal show. This is literally your one stop shop for your big day! We are featuring four unique themes, and will guide you through each one to answer any questions you may have. The beauty in this concept is that if you see a theme you really love, then all you have to do is let us know, and we will go talk about your individual wants and needs as a couple, and work on helping you set a date. We are specifically catering to the couples that may feel overwhelmed, may feel stressed out or find that they can’t come up with a theme or personal style for their wedding day. We are also proving a very cost effective element with our designs and with the spaces within the venue.

Diamonds and Pearls Events is known for our customization and helping each couple feel unique. We will still be able to do this with the themes of this show. We can customize and personalize anything you would like. We will be there throughout your entire planning process to make sure you receive the best quality at the lowest costs if you decide on one of our themes, or if you would like us to help you come up with your own.

The Holiday Inn has an amazing set up for weddings. There are several options for the ceremony, a wonderful cocktail hour space, and lots and lots of room for receptions, and dance floors. Also, on a personal note, I can tell you their food is amazing! Their Executive Chef Kenny does a fabulous job making flavors come to life and is also spot on with his presentation. Fortunately, if you attend the show, you will be able to sample some of his creations that he has specifically come up with for each of our themes! You won’t be let down, that’s for sure!

Other features of the show include live music from ABC DJs, a virtual mirrored photo booth that connects with your social media accounts by J C Photobooths, wonderful floral creations by Amazing Wedding Productions, Photography by Infinite Focus Photography, raffles throughout the event sponsored by the Holiday Inn and Diamonds and Pearls Events and a unique opportunity for brides to pick the bouquet they love the most and have her picture taken with it, to take home so you can remember what it feels like to be a bride, most likely one of the first times ever!

Again, we will also have members of our team, and from the Holiday Inn available to answer any questions you may have. We are very excited to bring this event to you, and hope to see you there. The show runs from 2:00-6:00, this coming Sunday, December 9th. Admission is free! Remember, love is all you need, we will do the rest!

Please comment below to let us know if you intend on coming. We will then automatically enter you into several of our raffles, and may have our DJ give you a shout out and play one of your favorite songs so you can test out the dance floor! See you on Sunday!

PS - You can learn more about the show tomorrow on First Coast Living at 11:00 on channel 12, where Gabi from the Holiday Inn and myself will be featured talking about the exciting event!

Uniquely Yours,


Love is a gift!

I am writing this blog out of unordinary circumstances. We work with many brides and grooms, but were informed a few days ago that one of our December grooms was involved in a tragic accident, and did not survive. His fiancee would light up when she would talk about him, and you just couldn’t help but embrace their warmth.

I will not name any names, out of respect for the families, and because this blog is not really about that untimely and horrific experience. I want to talk about love. Love is a gift. We are granted this gift each day when we wake up, but tomorrow is never promised. I want to implore anyone reading this to please let the people in your lives know how much you love and care for them today! We never know what tomorrow will bring. Treasure each second, you never know when your last one might come.

I am a wedding planner, I work to make people happy. I notice couples all the time bickering over little details that really won’t mean much at the end of their wedding. Their love for each other will mean so much, and should be honored as such- and leave the little details to the planners. Preserve your love. Fight for each other. Show affection as much as you can.

Hug your loved ones today. Let them know how much you care. Love is a gift. Today is a gift. Take advantage of it.

Uniquely Yours,


Managing stress throughout the planning process, and how we can help YOU!!!

I often receive frantic emails or calls from brides that have tried to plan their weddings all on their own, and they simply get stuck, and do not know how to go forward anymore. With that said, I think it’s appropriate to let you know how we can help plan, design, coordinate and execute your wedding - per your standards, while taking the most stress away from you and your family as much as possible. Our goal will always be to help you, your fiancee and family to feel like guests at your wedding, and not like they have the pressure or need to manage all of the vendors, make sure everything is set up appropriately or maintain the timeline for the big day. We would want to help you with all of those issues, and make sure you are being taken care of and taking in each special moment throughout the day without any hesitation, worry or pause. We want you to think of your day with vivid memories of your wedding party getting ready, and all of the little details that might not be so memorable if you had to worry about anything else.

Of course, your wedding vision is your own, and our whole goal is to make sure we nail your vision without anyone having way too much stress or worry. As I stated previously, I get many calls and emails from brides that tried it on their own, they become totally overwhelmed, don’t have the time to make things happen, and then are faced with only a couple of months left to make their dream wedding come to fruition. My advice would be to contact a planner/designer/coordinator EARLY on in the process, so we can lead you in the right directions, and we don’t have the added pressure of trying to get everything together in the last couple of months before the big day. Remember, great planners do this for a living, and we have connections and tons of ideas and great suggestions to help you and your fiancee have the wedding of your dreams. We can also often help reduce stress levels by offering special discounts that are passed down to us by other trusted vendors in the community, which helps you stay in budget!

I always bring a fully stocked “emergency kit” with me on wedding days. I carry pretty much anything and everything you might think of, and probably some things you wouldn’t think of as well. I make sure to bring at least two steamers for the bridal gown, bridesmaids dresses and the guy’s suits/tuxes. I also bring a sewing kit, super glue, double sided tape, tons of band aids, Tylenol, Advil, Immodium, feminine products, deodorant, extra cosmetics, hair accessories, safety pins and really so much more. I have found my kit to be invaluable in helping out while the Wedding Party is getting ready, and have used many items in it countless times. I truly know it has helped with some significant issues that might have been a big deal, but because we are always prepared, our brides and grooms didn’t stress, and thought more about the wonderful day they are there to share, and the fun they are about to have!

We are coming up on one of the more “busy seasons,” within the wedding vendor community. I strongly suggest that if you are newly engaged, or even if you are in the middle of your planning and feel uneasy or stressed, to reach out to a qualified and ambitious wedding planner. Diamonds and Pearls Events would love to be of help to you! Let us hear from you, and happy planning!

Diamonds and Pearls Events has had the distinct honor of being nominated as one of the top five wedding planners in the Jacksonville, St. Augustine and surrounding areas by Folio Weekly Magazine. Voting closes today, 10/9/18, and we should know the results next month. Thank you for your support, Jacksonville!

Uniquely Yours,


The Best Wedding Planners in Jacksonville? Folio Weekly...

I am writing this blog post feeling excited, grateful and certainly humbled. Diamonds and Pearls Events has had the distinct honor of being nominated as one of the top five wedding planners in Jacksonville, Fl, and surrounding areas by Folio Weekly magazine.

I remember growing up getting a new Folio edition each Friday, and I especially loved the “Best Of,” and the “Bite by Bite” editions. I would pour over them, and then ask my parents to take me to some of the different businesses nominated so I could offer my worldly teenage opinions on them!! Life is so funny, and now my business is nominated. I could not be more thankful to our brides and grooms, other wedding vendors and venues we work with and to the community for this distinct recognition of our hard work. Voting is open now, and will continue to be open until October 12, 2018.

If you would like to vote for our local small business, you can visit, and then click on “The Best of Jax.” You then just need to scroll to the wedding section, and towards the bottom of the page the ballot is listed for the Wedding Planner division. We thank you for your support, and will continue giving our couples the best service we can provide. We love being different and unique, and try to carry those idioms to each of our weddings and events.

Thank you, Jacksonville!

Uniquely yours,